Sweat Family Genealogy

                               Sweat Ancestry




Nancy Ann " Annie" Sweat was born May 13, 1822 in Tattnall County, Ga.
Died: April 12, 1908 in Fisheating Creek, Desoto County, FL.
(the daughter of Abner W. Sweat & Rebecca Anderson )
She married
Rowland Williams
in 1839 in Columbia County, FL.

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Children of Nancy "Annie" Sweat & Rowland Williams :

1.John Anderson Williams, born April 10, 1840 in Columbia co, FL.
   Died: Sept 14,1906 in Volusia County, FL.
   Buried: Fort Ogden Cem. Fort Ogden, Desoto co, Fl.
   Married: Mary Ann "Mollie" Williams Williams
   ( Note: Civil War information)
2.James W. Williams, Born 1843 in Columbia co, Fl.
   Died: Dec.14,1875 in Orange county, FL.
   Married: Clementine Durrance on Oct. 18,1865 in Polk Co, FL.
Nathan Knight Williams
,b.Abt April14,1839  Columbia Co, FL.
   Died: June 7, 1934 in Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL.
   Buried: Fort Ogden, Desoto co, FL.
  Married:1.SusanTyson(Tison?) May12,1866 in Manatee co, FL.
Celia Durrance,
Sept.3,1869 Orlando,Orange Co,FL.--                                                Child of Nathan Williams & Celia Durrance

           1.Sarah Floyd Williams,1879 - 1946 married Henry Washington"Bud"Daughtrey--_(cousins)__Children  : #1WilliamHenryDaughtrey #2.Beatrice Daughtrey.b1904 - #3.Ruby Daughtrey,1906 -1908 - #4.Ethel Mae Daughtrey,b. 1909 - #5.Lessie Lee Daughtrey,b.1911- 1992 married George Addison of Marco, FL. #6.Arthur Daughtrey,1916 -1978 - #7.Charles Fletcher Daughtrey,b.1918 - 1992/93 - #8.Celia Rebecca Daughtrey, b.1922 -

4.Mary Ann Williams, Born March 1842/1844 in Columbia Co, FL.
   Buried: Joshua Creek Cem. Desoto Co, Fl.
   Married: James Mathis in 1857 in Columbia co, FL.
               Divorced in 1860 in Columbia co, FL.
5.Simion Banks Williams, b Aug.22,1845/1846 in Columbia co, Fl.
   Died: april 15, 1933
   Buried: New Hope Cem. in Zolfo Springs, FL.
   Married :Narcissa Clementine Wingate Williams
6.Martha A. Williams, born 1846/1847 in Columbia Co, FL.
   Married:JohnTison on Oct.1,1866 Fort Ogden, Desoto Co, FL.
7.George W. Williams, born 1847/1849 in Columbia Co, FL.
   Married: Sarah Ann Gaskin
8.Sarah Jane Williams, born Feb.14, 1852 in Columbia Co. FL
   Died: Feb.2,1946
   Buried: Fort Ogden Cem. Desoto Co, FL.
   Married: 1
                2.James W. Mathis on April 10, 1867 in FL.
9.Ida Williams, born 1853/1854 in Columbia Co, FL.
10.Jasper Williams, born 1856 in Columbia Co, FL.
   Died:: ( died young)
11.Andrew Jackson Williams,born 1846/1858 ( Aug.10th. ?) in FL.
   Died: 1928 in Fort Myers, Lee Co, FL
   Married: Georgia Ann Cautheran
12.William Williams, born abt.1860. ( Died young)
Rebecca Ellen Williams
, born Nov.28,1860 in Columbia Co, FL.
   Died:: Sept.14,1910
   Buried: Fort Ogden Cem. Fort Ogden, Desoto Co, FL.
John Daughtrey
on Oct.7,1876 in Manatee Co, FL.-- Children: #1.Henry Washington "Bud"Daughtrey. 1880 - 1949 Fort Ogden, FL. -- Married: Sarah Floyd Williams 1879 - 1946 (cousins)
14.Thomas Williams, born March 2, 1862/1864 in Columbia Co, FL.
   Died: 1957 in FL.
15.Memphis Meridian Williams, born Dec.26,1865 in FL.
   Married: Griffin Smith



Abner W. Sweat was born in 1780 in Cheraw District, S.C.
Died: 1858 in New River, Baker County, FL.
Rebecca Anderson
in 1808 in Tattnall Co, Ga.
             ( Rebecca was born abt. 1790)
NOTE: listed in 1840 Columbia Co, FL.Federal Census ( No township listed)
           Listed in the 1850 Columbia Co, FL. Federal census ( no township listed).

Children of Abner Sweat & Rebecca Anderson:

1.Samuel R. Sweat, born abt.1810/1815 in Bulloch Co, Ga.
   Died: Dec.12,1872 in Baker Co, FL. at age 62 yrs.
   Married:Susan Maria Walden,, born abt.1812 in Ga.
   Marriage Date: 1830 in Bryan Co, Ga.
   Children: 1.Henry Maxwell Sweat, born Nov.25, 1834 Bryan Co, Ga.( or Bulloch)
            2.William F. Sweat, born 1836 in Columbia Co, FL.
             3.James A. Sweat, born July 6, 1838 in Columbia Co, FL.
             4.Elizabeth Sweat, born Oct.15, 1841 in Columbia Co, FL.
              5.Mary Ann Sweat, born Aug.6, 1846 in Columbia Co, FL.
              6.Jackson H. Sweat, born Jan.30, 1847 in Clay Co, FL.
              7.Jane Sweat, born abt. 1849
              8.Susan Sweat, born abt.1851
              9 Rebecca Sweat, born Oct.25, 1852
              10. Osias B. Sweat, born Oct.1, 1854 in Columbia Co, FL.
               ( Please note that Columbia Co, FL. is now Baker Co, FL.)
2.Rebecca Sweat, born abt. 1816 in Tattnall Co, Ga.
   Died: 1897 in Baker Co, FL.
   Married: John D. Williams, born abt.1814 in Bryan Co, Ga.
   Marriage Date: abt. 1833 in Bryan Co, Ga.
   Children: 1.Sarah Williams, born 1834
                 2.Elias Williams, born 1836
                 3.William Williams, born Feb.15,1841
                 4.Elizabeth Williams, born Sept.14, 1841
                 5.Mary Ann Williams, born abt. 1845
                 6.Caroline Williams, born abt 1845
                 7.Nancy Williams, born 1848
                 8.John Williams, born 1850
                 9.Eliza Williams, born 1852
                 10.Martha Williams, born 1855
                 11.James Jasper Sweat, ( ?) born Feb.28, 1856
                 12. Lewelyn F. Sweat (?) born April 6,1861
.Charity Sweat, born March 20,1817/1820 in Tattnall Co, Ga.
   Died: Dec.23,1882 in Hardee Co, FL.
   Married: (William ?) Nathan Beasley
   Children: 1.William Beasley, born 1837
                 2.Berry Beasley, born 1839
                 3.Hiram Beasley, born 1840
                 4.John Beasley, born 1841
                 5.Early Beasley, born 1843
                 6.Alfred Beasley, born 1844
                 7.Weatherly Ann Beasley, born 1845
                 8.Mary Ann Beasley, born 1847
                 9.Nathan Beasley, born 1849
                 10.Eliza Beasley, born 1852
                 11.Jane Beasley, born 1854
                 12.James Beasley, born 1855
                 13.Levi Beasley. born 1855
                 14.Elizabeth Beasley, born 1857
                 15.Ellen Beasley, born 1867
4.Allen H. Sweat, born abt.1819 in Bullock Co, Ga.
   Died: 1850/1909
   Married: Mary Ulmer ( ?)
   Marriage Date: Oct. 26, 1824 in Chatham Co, FL.
   ( 1870 Baker Co, FL census Index -- Township: Sanderson P.O.)

5.Nancy Ann "Annie" Sweat,born May 13, 1822 in Tattnall Co, Ga.
   Died: April 12, 1908 at Fisheating Creek, Desoto Co, FL.
Rowland Williams
Marriage Date: 1839 in Columbia Co, FL.
   Children: Listed at top

6.James M. Sweat, born abt. 1825/1826 in Tattnall Co, Ga.
   Marriage Date:
7.Alfred Jackson Sweat, born abt.1827 in Tattnall Co, Ga.
   Died:abt.1880 in Baker Co, FL.
   Married: Eliza Burney
   Marriage date:
   Children:1.Farley Sweat, born May 28,1855 in Baldwin , Duval Co, FL.
                2.Barton Sweat, born Nov.25,1857
                3.McArthur Sweat, born 1859 in Baker Co, FL.
                4.Columbus Sweat, born Aug.31,1862
                5.Hardy Jackson, born Sept.25,1866
                6.Victoria Sweat, born March 15, 1867 in Baker co, FL.
                7.Ellen Sweat, born Sept.25,1869
                8.Elizabeth Sweat, born Aug.10,1870
                9.Edward Sweat, born March 31, 1874
8.Elizabeth Sweat, born abt. 1828 in Tattnall Co, Ga.
   Married: Thomas Hines, born 1825 in Loundes Co, Ga.
   Marriage Date : 1861 in Baker Co, FL.
9.Mary Jane Sweat, born Dec.12,1828 in Bullock Co, Ga.
   Died: Dec.14,1908 in Baker Co, FL.
   Buried: Woodlawn Cem. McClenny ( ?) in Baker Co, FL.
   Married: Urban Cooper Herndon, born Jan.19,1830 in Appling Co, Ga.
   Marriage Date: Nov.11,1860 in Baker Co, FL.
   Children:1 Caroline Herndon, born 1861
                2.William Herndon, born Oct.12, 1865
                3.Mary Jane Herndon, born
10.John Sweat, born abt 1832
11.Eliza E. Sweat, born abt.1833 in Bryan Co.Ga.
   Died: Feb.11,1868 in Sanderson, Baker Co, FL.
   Married: John Rynolds Herndon, born Feb.14,1834
   Marriage Date: 1859 in Baker Co, FL.
   Children: 1.James L. Herndon, born 1860
                 2.Drucilla Herndon, born April 5, 1862
                 3.John Julian Herndon, born Feb.25,1865
12.Edward Sweat, born abt. 1834
13.William Sweat, born abt. 1838 in Columbia Co, FL. ( now Baker Co)
14.Freeman Sweat, born abt.1842 in Columbia Co, FL.
   Died: After 1876
   Married: Sarah Ann Crews, born 1843 in Ware Co, Ga.
   Marriage Date: 1857 in FL.
     ( Note: Sarah married  #2 -Elias Williams in Baker Co, FL.)
       1860 Florida Census , County of New River, lists:
            Freeman Sweat, 17-M- Laborer- Ga.
            Sarah Sweat, 16, F. - Ga.
   Children: 1.Wm. Sweat, born abt.1861 FL.
                 2.Abner Jackson. Sweat, born abt.1862/1863 FL.
                   Died: 1920
                   Married: Easter Ann "Fannie" Burnsed, born abt.1866, died 1941
                     ( daughter of J.M.Burnsed )
                  (NOTE: Listed Baker Co, FL. 1900 Census Record with children).
                 3.James E. Sweat, born abt.1867 in FL
  Extra Note: The 1880 Baker County, FL. Census lists these 3 Sweat children as
                   living in the same household as Elias Williams, age 44 & his wife Sarah
                   Williams, age 34. along with their other children.
                   The 3 boys are listed as Elias's stepsons.



James Sweat ( Rev.) born Nov.14,1764 in Hunts Bluff, Cheraw District, S.C.
( son of William Sweat (Jr.) & Lucy Turbeville).
Susannah Anderson

Marriage Date:
Children: 1.
Abner W. Sweat, born 1780 Cheraw Dist. S.C.
                  Died: 1885 in New River, Baker Co, FL.
Rebecca Anderson,
                   Marriage Date: 1808 in Tattnall Co, Ga.


William Sweat (Jr), born abt.1732 in Winyaw, S.C.( Prince Fredrick Parish).
( he was the son of William Sweat Sr. and Martha Cauze.)
Lucy Turbeville
Marriage Date:
Children: 1.
James Sweat ( Rev.)
, born Nov.14, 1764 in Hunts Bluff, Cheraw Dist. SC
                Married: 1.Joanna ONeal Nov.13, 1784 in Beech Branch, S.C.
                Married: 2..
Susannah Anderson,

                                 Marriage Date: July 3, 1799 Effingham Co, Ga.
                                 Children: 1.
Abner Sweat,
, born 1780 Cheraw Dist. S.C.
                Married: 3. Margaret Hogg in 1821
             2.Nathaniel Sweat, born 1760 in Marion Co, S.C.
                Died: 1830 in Emanuel, Ga.
                Married: Sarah_____________?
                Marriage Date:
             3.William Sweat, Born
                Marriage Date:
           ?  4.James Theopolis Sweat ( Rev.), born abt. 1764
                 Marriage Date:
               5.Allen Sweat, born __________?
                  Marriage Date:


William Sweat ( Sr.), born abt.1705
Martha Cauze
Marriage Date:
Children: 1.
William Sweat ( Jr)
born abt.1732 in Winyaw, S.C., Prince Fredrick Parrish
Lucy Turbeville
in 1740
                            ( Daughter of John Turbeville & Elizabeth Johns.)
                            Born in Craven, S.C.