Sweat Family Genealogy

                                              Census Records



1820 Tattnall County, Ga. census
Abner Sweat and Rebecca

1830 Bulloch Co, Ga. census
Abner Sweat and Rebecca

1840 Fed.census Columbia Co, Fl.
Abner W.Sweat & household

1850 Columbia Co, FL.Census

1850 Columbia County, Fl. Fed. census
Sweat, Abner W., age 74, b.SC
          Rebecca, age 60, SC
          James W, 25, b.Ga
          Mary, 20, b.Ga.
          John, 18, b.Ga.
          Eliza E.17, b.Ga.
          Edward, 16, b.Ga.
          William 12, B.Ga.
          Freeman 8,b.FL.

1850 Columbia County, FL Fed.Census

Sweat, John, age 50, b. Ga.
          Charlotte, age 49, b.Ga.
          Allen, 23, b.Ga
          John, 19, b.Ga
          James, 16, b.Ga.

          Joseph, 15,b.Ga.
          Mary, 13, b.Ga.
          Thomas, 11,b.Ga.
           Nathan, 9,b.Ga.
           Martha 7,b.Ga.
           Melvina 4, b.FL.
           Wealthy ___?b.FL.
1860 New River , FL. Census

1860 Fed. Census New River, Fl.
Sweat, Rebecca, age 74, b.Ga.
           Allen H. 50, .Ga.
           Mary Jane, 30, b.Ga.

Sweat, Freeman, 17, b.Ga
           Sarah, 16, b.Ga

Sweat, Nathan, 19,b.Ga.
           Sarah, 16, b.Ga.
           Martha C, 2/12 ,b.Fl

Sweat, Joseph, 24,b.Ga.
           Catherine, 19,b.SC
            Mary J. 5,b.FL
            Samuel, 4,b.Fl.
            Floner, 1/12,b.FL.

Sweat, James M age 25,b.Ga.
           Elizabeth, 20, b.Ga.
           Columbus, 4,b.FL.
           James L, 2, b.FL.
           Allen, 35, b.Ga.

Sweat, James, 27, b.Ga.
           Mary, 20, b.Ga.

Sweat, Samuel, age 45, b.Ga.
           Susan Mariah, 40, b.Ga.
           Henry Maxwell, 24, b.Ga.
           William, 22, b. Ga.
            James, 20, b. Ga.
            Elizabeth, 19,b.Ga.
             Mary ann, 14,b.Ga.
             Jane, 13, B.Ga.
             Jackson, 11, b.Ga,
             Susan, 7,b.Ga.
             Rebecca, 5,b.Ga.
             Elias,6,b.Ga.( Osias B)

     1870 Census Baker Co, FL.

Sweat, S.R., age 60, b.Ga. Farm Labor
           Susannah, 55, b.Ga.
            Elizabeth, 29, b.Ga.
            Mary, 25, b.Ga.
            Jane, 22, b.Ga.
            Jackson, 22, b.Ga.-railroad laborer
            Susan, 18, b.Fl.
            Rebecca, 16, b.FL.
            Ozias, 14, b.FL.

Sweat, Rebecca , 85,b.S.C.
           Allen H, 50, b.Ga. deaf and dumb
(note: this is Rebecca (Anderson)Sweat and son 
living in household of her daughter Mary Jane and son-in-law W.C.Herndon.)

Sweat, Mary,30, b.Fl. Keeping house
           George Ann, 11, b.Fl.
            Thomas J. 8, b.Fl.
            Carry, 6, b.FL.
             Mary Jane, 3, b.FL

Sweat, Henry, 36, b.Ga., Timber laborer
           Eliza, 36,b.Ga.
           Adeline E.3, b.Fl.
           Mary, b.Aug.11/12, FL..


       1880 Census, Baker County, FL.

Sweat, Henry Maxwell, 45, b.Fl.(?)
           Eliza, 45,wife b.Ga.
           Amarella, 12, b.Ga.
           Missourie Ellen, 9, b.Ga.

Sweat, Eliza F., 48, b.Fl.
           Hardy J.18, son, b.FL.
           Victoria, 12, Daughter, b.Fl.
           Ellen, 10, daughter, b.FL
           Elizabeth, 8,daughter,b.FL.
           Edward, 6, son,b.Fl.

Sweat, James A, 42, b.Fl.
           Elizabeth, 41, wife, b.Ga.
           Susan, 15, daughter, b.FL.
           Franklin M.12, son, b.Fl.
           Dianna J.,10, daughter, b.FL.
           James H.,6,son,b.FL.

Williams, Elias, age 44, b.FL
             Sarah Ann, 34, wife, b.FL
             Violetta, 5, daughter, b.FL.
             Sarah E., 3, daughter, b.FL.
             Mary E.1,daighter, b.FL.
Sweat, William F., 19 stepson, b.FL.
Abner J.,17, stepson, b.FL.
           James E., 13, stepson, b.FL.

Sweat, Susan Mariah, 60, b.Ga.
           Jane, 34, daughter, b. FL.
           Rebecca, 30, daughter, b.FL

           George W., 16, grandson, b.FL.
           Easter Ann, 9, grandaughter, b.FL.

1900 Fed.Census Baker Co, FL.

Sweat, Abner Jackson, HH, 37, b.FL. Aug.1862
          Easter Ann "Fannie", wife, 34, b.Oct.1865 Fl.
          Levada, daughter, 14, b. Oct.1885 FL.
           Bertie, 12, daughter, b.Nov.1887 FL.
           Larry, 9, son, b.1890 FL.
           Lettie,  6,daughter, b.Dec.1893 FL.
           Effie, 4, daughter, b.Dec.1895 Fl.
           James A. son, age (?) b.Aug.1899

Sweat, Henry Maxwell, HH, 65, b.Nov.1834 Ga.
           Eliza F. wife, 65, b.Dec 1834 Ga.
           Missourie E., daughter, 22, b.Jan 1878 FL.

Sweat, Olias, HH, 44, b. Oct.1855 FL.
           Ellen, wife, 42, b. May 1858 Fl.
           Ida, daughter, 16, b. june, 1883 FL.
           Emma J., daughter, 14 b.Aug.1885 FL.
           Ossie, son, 12, b.Sept.1887 Fl.
           Mamie, daughter, 10, b. Nov.1889 FL.
           Pearley, daughter, 8, b.June, 1891 Fl.
           Sallie, daughter, 6, b.July 1893 FL.
           Cora, daughter, 4, b.June, 1895 FL.
           Annie, daughter, 2, b.aug.1897 FL

Sweat, Jack H., HH,  52,b.June, 1847.FL
           Mary, wife, 45, b. May 1852 Ga.
           Mary, daughter, 24, b.March 1876 FL.
           Susan F., daughter, 22, b.April 1878 FL.
           Levy, son, 20, b.May 1880 FL
           Florida, daughter, 18, b.April 1882 FL
           Nora, daughter, 16, b.Jan.1884 FL.
           Perry, son, 14, b.Feb.1886 FL.
           Pearley, daughter, 8, b.May 1892 Fl.
           Nellie, daughter, 6, b.April 1894 FL.

1910 Fed.Census Baker Co, FL.

Sweat, Abner Jackson, HH, age 46, b.Fl
           Fannie , wife, 44, b. Fl
           Levada, daughter, 20, b.FL
           Lonnie, son, 18, b.Fl
           Lettie, daughter, 16, b.FL.
           Effie, daughter, 14, b.Fl
           James, son, 12, b.FL.





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