Sweat Family Genealogy



"Anderson" -- The Sweat & Anderson Connection


Nancy Ann " Annie" Sweat, born May 13,1822 in Tatnall co, Ga.
Died: April 12, 1908 in Desoto County, Fl.
Married: Rowland Williams in Columbia Co, Fl. abt 1839.
Children: (Note: Children listed under  
Sweat Genealogy )

Rebecca Anderson, born 1790 in South Carolina.
Died: Dec.26,1883 in Tatnall Co, Ga.
Married: Abner Sweat,
        Born: 1776 in Cheraw District, S.C.
        Died: 1858 in New River, Columbia/Baker County, Fl.
(More on Abner Sweat:  Census Records, 1840 Columbia County, Florida-- roll M704_36.
1850 census-Columbia Co, Fl. Unknown Township-
Roll M432_58- pg. 52 )
Children of Rebecca Anderson & Abner Sweat

1.Samuel Sweat, 1810 bulloch Co, Ga.
   Married: Susan Walden abt. 1830 ? in Bryan co, Fl.
2.Rebecca Sweat, born 1817 Tattnall co, Ga
   Died: 1897 Baker co, Fl.
   Married: John Williams abt.1834 in Columbia co, Fl.
   Divorced: Sept. 1867 Baker Co, FL..
3.Allen Sweat, born 1819 in Tattnall co, Ga.
4.Charity Sweat, born 1824 in Tattnall co, Ga.
Nancy Sweat
, May 13, 1816 Tattnall co, Ga.
   Died:April 12, 1908 in Desoto co, FL.
   Married: Rowland Williams in Columbia co, Fl. abt 1839.
6.James Sweat, born abt 1825 in Tattnall co, Ga.
7.Alfred Jackson Sweat, born 1827 Tattnall co, Ga.
   Married: Eliza Burney
8.Elizabeth Sweat, born 1828 in Tattnall co, Ga.
9.Mary Sweat, born 1828/ 1830 Bulloch Co, Ga
   Buried: Dec.1908 Woodlawn Cem. MacClenny, Baker Co, FL
   Married: Urban Cooper Herndon , Nov.11, 1860.
10.John Sweat, born abt 1832 in Bulloch Co, Ga.
11.Eliza Sweat, born abt 1833 Bulloch co, Ga.
   Died: ?      Buried: North Pong Cem. Baker co, FL.
   Married: J.R. Herndon
12.Edward Sweat, born abt 1834 Bulloch Co, Ga.
13.William Sweat, born abt. 1838 Florida
14.Freeman Sweat, born abt 1842 in Columbia co, FL.
   Died: Dec. 28, 1862 in CSA ?
   Married: Sarah ann Crews abt 1860

John Anderson Jr., born abt. 1759 in North Carolina
Died: Oct.1849 in Tatnall Co, Ga.
Married: Mary_________?
Children of John anderson Jr. & Mary:
1.Vinson Anderson
Rebecca Anderson

3.Brice Anderson
4.Argent Anderson
5.Amos Anderson
6.Mary Anderson
7.Elizabeth Anderson
8.Charles Anderson
John Anderson Sr., born abt. 1730 in Va.
Died: ?
Married: Sarah Carney in Overwharton Parrish, Stafford County, Va.
            on Nov. 25, 1792
Children of John Anderson Sr. & Sarah
1.Scarlet Anderson
2.Baily Anderson
3.Sela anderson
John Anderson Jr.



James Anderson, Born abt. 1690 in Kent Co, Va.
Died: 1752 in Southwork Parrish, Surry co, Va.
Married: 1. Mary Jorden in Va.
             2. Rebecca Cook in Va.
Children of James Anderson and  Rebecca
John Anderson
2.Thomas Anderson
3.William Anderson
4.Faith Anderson
5.Priscilla Anderson
6.Luddy Anderson
7 Mary Anderson
Robert Anderson Jr. born abt. 1663 in Va.
Died:1716 in Va.
Married: Mary Overton in Va.
Children of Robert Anderson & Mary Overton :
James Anderson

2.David Anderson
3.Richard Anderson
4.Sarah Anderson
5.Charity Anderson
Robert Anderson Sr. born abt 1640 in New Kent Co, Va.
Died: 1712 in St. Peters Parrish, New Kent Co, Va.
Married: Ceclia ( Cecilia?) Massie in Va.
Children of Robert Anderson Sr. & Ceclia Massie
Robert Anderson Jr.

2.Ceclia Anderson
3.Mart Anderson
4.Nelson Anderson
5.Thomas Anderson
6.John Anderson
7.Mathew Anderson
8.David Anderson
9.Richard anderson
Richard Anderson Jr., born 1618 in England
Died: abt. 1702 in King & Queen Co, Va.
Married: ?
Children of Richard Anderson Jr. & _________?

Robert AndersonSr.
Richard Anderson Sr.,born 1585 in England
Married: Elizabeth Hawkins in London, England on Dec. 20, 1611
Children of Richard Anderson Sr. & Elizabeth
Richard Anderson Jr.
John Anderson
3Thomas anderson